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Sunday, February 27, 2005

getting started

A couple of years ago, I was elected to the Holdingford City Council. I began wondering about who past mayors and councilmen were. I knew some of them. I thought it would be cool to make a list of all of them. I was informed that the city had a fire about 1965 and that there were no previous records.
Last fall, starting with the 1966 records I found myself soon not just interested in the Mayor's and Councilmen but the clerk's, firechiefs, policemen etc. I started writing a short synopis of the minutes of each meeting. It got to be interesting. Like reading a book. What was going to happen next month. What item was, suddenly not a issue and never heard of again. Something else would seem to appear to be a major issue. I finished the handwritten outlines just before Christmas. I had been debating as to getting a new computer. My wife wanted us to get a digital camera for family. Of course I found out every thing had moved to usb. Although my mac 8500 bought in 1994 was still working, cobwebs and all. I was on my second monitor and third keyboard. but it still works.
About Christmas I decided it was time to upgrade to a new computer. I bought a 17"mac powerbook, which lead to a new printer, scanner, bose speakers all the requirements.
Then I discovered at the City Hall digging around in a back room a couple of boxes that contained the original 1897 documents of the beganing of the village. As well as the minutes, Now I was really hooked. I set up a camera stand so I could take photos of the pages with minimal touching of the pages. So far I have taken 2850 photos.


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